Hello there. As I think back to the last time I wrote a blog, it has been quite a while. I am so excited to get back to it though, as there has never been a better time to get started again.

So how are you thinking right now? That is a very important question, right? After almost 30 years of working on myself, practicing personal development, attempting to help people with their dreams and goals, I get how difficult it can be to make things happen in your life.

One of our greatest mentors ever, Mr. Jim Rohn wrote an entire book about the Seasons Of Life, which walk you through how to handle the ups and downs of your life. I would suggest reading it for sure.

So here is the thing, no matter what you have had happen in the past, you must realize it has been the need to learn from experience. You are at this point, right now reading this information either ready to continue doing what you are doing and getting the same outcome each day (a common definition of insanity) or ready to hit the RESET button and move a different direction with your life once and for all.

reset button

I have made it my life’s mission to help those who choose to be free to become free: Financially, mentally, physically and true time freedom or any other freedom someone might desire. But it starts with a decision to adjust your philosophies. If you want to learn more on the 5 major pieces of the life puzzle, check out this audio CD set by Jim Rohn called Challenge To Succeed. (If you can’t tell I am a huge Jim Rohn fan).

This series changed my life direction and the way I think about daily things. It starts with you Philosophy and moves on from there. Over the next few weeks I will actually begin going into some details about these 5 major pieces of the life puzzle, because this is where I normally start with my coaching. We must get into agreement on some core philosophies in your life or your dreams and goals unfortunately cannot be obtained. It just doesn’t work without getting the few right philosophies in order to achieve your desired lifestyle.

So, thank you so much for believing in me, and believing in yourself, I look forward to our lifelong relationship and to having your dreams become your reality! Please reach out to me so we can begin working on life change for you and your family immediately. Nothing could be more important for both of us as well as mankind as  a whole.

Have an incredible day and I will speak with you soon!